Terms and Conditions

In Short

You can get a refund within 30 days of delivery of your order subject to the following conditions.

DVDs/Blu-rays: Faulty items can be exchanged at our expense or fully refunded. Unopened items (they're shrinkwrapped) can also be returned for a full refund.

Downloads: Not refundable once you've used a download link.

Gift certificates: Any unused credit can be refunded.

Wholesale: Minimum order of 5 units required, otherwise same conditions apply.

The Details


Prices shown are in US Dollars unless specifically stated otherwise. Because VAT is only applicable in the EU it is not included in display prices, but will be added during checkout and a final price is shown before payment. We may change prices on the website, in which case changes are proactive (i.e. they do not affect past orders). In case of a pricing/calculation error on the website, we will contact you if the actual price is higher than shown at checkout and maintain the right to cancel the order should you not wish to pay the actual price.


You can pay using PayPal or major international credit/debit cards. We use Square as the payment processor for card payments, and as of writing they accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and UnionPay. The final amount to be charged is clearly displayed on the order confirmation page before submitting your order. Amounts are in US Dollars unless stated otherwise.


Downloads: You will receive access to download links immediately upon order submission. Download links expire after 7 days, but can be reactivated upon request.

For DVDs and Blu-rays the shipping method varies by destination. We ship from the US, Canada and Denmark (i.e. EU), meaning no import taxes/fees in these locations.

USA and Canada: Your order is automatically forwarded to a fulfillment facility immediately upon your order submission. Shipping and transit times depend on your selected shipping method, and estimated delivery dates are shown before order submission (supplied by fulfillment facility).

Other countries: We strive to ship orders same or next business day and will contact you if this is not possible. Estimated transit time is 2-3 business days within EU and typically about 5 business days plus customs elsewhere.

Returns and Refunds

We guarantee that DVDs and Blu-rays are playable in compatible players worldwide (no region coding).

Faulty units: Can be exchanged or returned for a full refund within 30 days*. If needed we will pay return shipping for a shipping method of our choice.

Non-faulty units: Unopened items (shrinkwrap intact) can be returned for a full refund within 30 days*. Opened items generally cannot be refunded (because they're easy to copy), but do contact us if you have reason to return an opened item. We do not pay for return shipping of non-faulty items.

Downloads: A full refund can be made within 30 days* if and only if you have not clicked any of the download links provided. See "Notes on Downloads" below for additional information.

Gift certificates: Any unused credit can be fully refunded within 30 days*.

Refunds will be made to the payment card or PayPal account you used to pay your order.

*30 days from your order was delivered.


Generally, orders of DVDs or Blu-rays for delivery in USA or Canada cannot be cancelled because the order is automatically forwarded to a fulfillment facility immediately. However, it may be possible to cancel an order during a short window after submission, so do contact us if you wish us to try doing so. Orders of DVDs/Blu-rays to be delivered in other countries can be cancelled as long as they haven't shipped. For downloads and gift certificates see our refund policy above.

Notes on Downloads

The video encoding/format for our digital download is H.264/mp4, which is the most widely used standard today. If you don't have problems playing videos in general, then the downloads we provide should work fine too. Note that on many Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) it is necessary to install 3rd party apps to enable downloads. If downloads are not enabled on your Apple device you will not be able to save the film permanently on your device. Should you encounter any issues with the download, please let us know and we'll do our best to help. After all, we really want you to see the film!

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